No more wifi blackspots. No more unstable connections to your pricing devices. We’ll get rid of your store’s wifi connectivity issues for good.

Sick of unreliable wifi? We’ll help you pinpoint where your wifi doesn’t reach

Our wifi heatmaps let you see where your in-store wifi works and more importantly, where it doesn’t.

You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly which parts of your store receive the weakest wifi signal, so you can see where your hand scanners and phones don’t work.

Then, we can help you boost your wifi reach, and improve your store’s connectivity.

Free Wifi Blueprint

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“We made the move to Extreme Switching and Wi-Fi for all our new stores and refurbs. The ability to plan out the coverage in advance means we don’t end up with black spots later, which is incredibly valuable.

That, along with the ability to use device templates across the locations saves us so much time during deployments and when our team are moving between stores”

Belinda | Ritchies IT Dept

Your problem is the reach of your wifi signal.

As a busy retail store, you need your technology to work. Whether you’re scanning stock as it comes in, pricing up items on the sales floor, conducting stocktake, or simply trying to send an email, patchy wifi is the last thing you want.

But often it’s not the strength of your wifi signal. The problem is the reach. Ready to see where your wifi issues lie?

Remove your frustrations with a custom built wifi blueprint

We’ll help you determine where your wifi signal reaches, where it doesn’t, and how you can make it stronger.

All you need to do is provide us with your store’s floorplan. We’ll then map out your building’s size, shape, and wall density, and plan out wireless access points that provide the best wifi coverage for your needs.

How can a Wifi Blueprint Help?

Remove Wifi Frustrations

We’ll diagnose your wifi issues, so you know exactly what’s wrong with your connectivity.

Stronger Signals

By pinpointing where your wifi is falling flat, we can help boost your signal to these areas.

A More Efficient Store

Improving your wifi reach means your tech works everywhere you need it to.

Solve Your Store’s Connectivity Issues, Today.

Get in touch with us to get your free wifi blueprint heat map. We’ll use this to determine where your wifi doesn’t work, so we can help you improve your reach, and get rid of your connectivity issues for good.

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